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News Thursday, Feb 2 2017

Bannon to 2018 GOP Senate Candidates: I'm In Charge

Another day, another sign Trump is empowering white nationalist Steve Bannon with a growing role in the White House. Bannon's latest power play? Laying down the law to Sen. Mitch McConnell and any Republican thinking about running for Senate in 2018. America First, the pro-Trump Super-PAC, is ramping up to "direct fire on congressional Republicans who defy Trump’s agenda." Statement from American Bridge President Jessica Mackler: "Apparently,…

News Kelly Ayotte Friday, Sep 30 2016

AB21 President’s Statement On Washington Republican Senator Ayotte’s Extremism

"During her time in Washington, Senator Kelly Ayotte has sided with Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, and corporate special interests…

News Thursday, Sep 8 2016

Is this what Paul Ryan means by discipline?

Paul Ryan actually thinks Donald Trump has gotten "more disciplined" recently, begging the question: Has Ryan been paying attention to the words…

News Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

After this insane immigration speech, can we finally stop pretending Trump will change?

Statement from Jessica Mackler, president of American Bridge 21st Century: "Are we done pretending Donald Trump will ever change? Fifteen…

News Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

MEMO: Donald Trump Is Committed To These Dangerous Immigration Views

Donald Trump will head to Phoenix to deliver another teleprompter speech outlining the latest variant of his immigration plan. Despite…

News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

Memorándum: Cómo Marco Rubio le ha fallado a Florida

Cuando Marco Rubio rompió con su promesa de no postularse para la reelección en la Florida, demostró que su camino…

News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

MEMO: How Marco Rubio Has Failed Florida

When Marco Rubio reneged on his pledge to not run for reelection in Florida, it was clear that his path…

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