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News Thursday, Sep 24 2015

Jeb Bush, Ben Carson Push Extremism

Sep 24, 2015

This week, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush have taken extreme positions, pandering to the far right. Ben Carson questions whether a Muslim should be president, while Jeb Bush said multiculturalism is wrong for America. Take a look at the latest headlines inspired by their shameful comments:

Jeb Bush:

Associated Press: Republican Bush says multiculturalism wrong for US

Talking Points Memo: Jeb: A ‘Multicultural’ Society May Lead To ‘Retarded’ Assimilation

Des Moines Register: In Cedar Falls, Jeb Bush warns against multiculturalism

ABC News: Democrats Attack Jeb Bush’s “Multiculturalism” Comment

Daily Kos: Jeb!, who once boasted about being ‘bicultural,’ warns we are ‘creeping toward multiculturalism’

Bloomberg: Jeb Bush’s Risky War on Nativist GOP

Ben Carson:

Politico: Ben Carson: America’s president can’t be Muslim

New York Times Opinion: The Soft Bigotry of Ben Carson

USA Today: Ben Carson: Muslims can be president if they ‘reject’ Islamic tenets

CNN: Carson: I can support a Muslim who denounces Sharia law

Reuters: Republican candidate Carson ‘absolutely’ stands by comments on Muslims

The Guardian: Ben Carson attacks ‘political correctness’ amid backlash on Muslim comments

Associated Press: Republican Ben Carson claims benefits from Muslim criticism

CNN: Ben Carson: Money pouring in after Muslim comments

Associated Press: Carson says immigrants ‘don’t get to change who we are’

Published: Sep 24, 2015

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