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Ben Carson Wednesday, Jan 11 2017

American Bridge Statement on Ben Carson’s Nomination Hearing

Ahead of Ben Carson’s nomination hearing in the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs this Thursday, American Bridge president Jessica Mackler released the following statement: “Ben Carson admits he’s not qualified to lead a government agency, and yet he is set to lead an agency whose core functions--combatting housing discrimination and poverty--he disagrees with. It is egregious that any senator would support a…

Ben Carson Wednesday, Feb 17 2016

Ben Carson Supports Partisan Obstructionism On Supreme Court Vacancy

Ben Carson just said that he would nominate a Supreme Court Justice in the last year of his presidency... But…

News Ben Carson Thursday, Sep 24 2015

Jeb Bush, Ben Carson Push Extremism

This week, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush have taken extreme positions, pandering to the far right. Ben Carson questions whether…

Ben Carson Thursday, Nov 6 2014

ICYMI: Ben Carson Kicking Off 2016 GOP Primary With Hour-Long TV Ad

In case you missed it in First Read this morning, the Washington Times announced that Dr. Ben Carson is releasing an hour-long television ad set to…

Tuesday, Sep 30 2014

Ben Carson’s Greatest Hits

Carson: “Obamacare Is Really I Think The Worst Thing That Has Happened In This Nation Since Slavery. And It Is In A Way, It Is Slavery In A Way, Because It Is Making All Of Us Subservient To The Government.” According to the Washington Post, “Dr. Ben Carson, a rising star in conservative circles, on Friday compared President Obama’s health-care law to slavery. ‘You know Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,’ Carson, who is African American, said Friday in remarks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. ‘And it is in a way, it is slavery in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government, and it was never about health care. It was about control.’” [Washington Post, 10/11/13]

  • Carson Said Obama Was “The Worst Thing Since Slavery,” Including Jim Crow. According to Biz Pac Review, “‘I realize how horrible it was … I didn’t say this is ‘as bad’ as slavery, I said this is the worst thing since slavery.’ ‘Which includes Jim Crow,’ Martin interrupted. ‘Yes, absolutely,’ Carson answered. ‘This nation was founded on the principle that it would be a new type of nation, that was for, of, and by the people.’” [Biz Pac Review, 10/21/13]
Carson Called Cliven Bundy And Militia Members “Outstanding People.” In a Washington Times interview, Ben Carson said, “These citizens, for America, who really are pretty outstanding people, they become terrorists because you don’t like the fact that they are standing in your way, doing what they have been doing for over a hundred years.” [Washington Times Interview, 4/23/14] Carson: “Kids Who Are Born Into Poverty, And Will Live In Poverty, And In Many Cases Will End Up Without A Father Figure In Their Life, And Don’t Know How To Respond To Authority, And End Up Being Killed, You Know, Like Michael Brown.” In a Washington Times radio interview, Carson said, “You look at teen pregnancy in Washington D.C., Detroit, and Philadelphia, and all of those kids who are born into poverty, and will live in poverty, and in many cases will end up without a father figure in their life, and don’t know how to respond to authority, and end up being killed, you know, like Michael Brown.” [Ben Carson Radio Interview – Washington Times, 8/21/14] Carson: “I Will Be Glad When There Isn’t Any Black History Month.” According to the Washington Times, “‘I will be glad when there isn’t any Black History Month,’ he says. ‘Each of us should be interested in each other’s history.’ Another hot-button issue Dr. Carson addresses is affirmative action, which he says was necessary at one time but has now become divisive. He proposes ‘compassionate action,’ an alternative to affirmative action that’s based on need, not race.” [Washington Times, 2/17/99]

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