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News Climate Change Friday, Sep 25 2015

The GOP Gives Pope Francis The Cold Shoulder

From the very start of Pope Francis' first visit to the United States, GOP presidential candidates and members of Congress have…

News Climate Change Monday, Jun 22 2015

Republicans Fight Losing Battle With Pope On Climate Change

Republicans like Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum -- and the Koch brothers -- ignored the writing on the wall when they fought a losing battle with Pope Francis and the reams of science behind human-caused climate change. Instead, they took on more than they could chew and made sure their climate change denialism will be a major issue this election. Here's what happens when you're on the losing side of an argument with the pope: Washington Post: How Climate-Change Doubters Lost a Papal Battle. “Yet the battle lost over climate change also suggests how hard it may be for critics to blunt the power of a man who has become something of a juggernaut in an institution where change tends to unfold over decades, even centuries. More than anything, to those who doubt the human impact of global warming, the position staked out by Francis in his papal document, known as an encyclical, means a major defeat…

News Energy Thursday, May 14 2015

Jeb 'Lose the Primary to Win General' Bush Reverses Position on Yucca Mountain

Shot: May 13, 2015: Bush Opposes Yucca Mountain "The ex-Florida governor told reporters after a Reno town hall meeting Wednesday he…

News Environment Wednesday, May 13 2015

ICYMI: Jeb Backed Yucca Mountain

As he campaigns in Nevada, a reminder of Jeb Bush's record of supporting Yucca Mountain, the latest in a long line of positions that would hurt the same people he wants to vote for him:

During this same period, Bush signed letters opposing interim waste sites, including joining a bipartisan group of 17 governors in 2006 in a letter to Congress that argued it was "a giant step backward for ratepayers in our states and others who have contributed more than $14 billion into the Nuclear Waste Fund."

What's more, those emails Bush recently released show he was fully briefed on Yucca Mountain during this time, so he shouldn;t have a reason to study it now...Bush can't avoid his past on the repository, which was finally approved by a guy with the same last name in the White House.I don't believe in the sins of the brother being visited on the brother, but Jeb appears to have had the same position as W.

Jeb was once part of nuclear industry group pushing Yucca Mountain

News Climate Change Tuesday, May 12 2015

Denial Is No Longer Just a River in Egypt: Johnson Gets Chippy with Constituent on Climate Change

Renowned climate skeptic Ron Johnson brought us a full plate of irrationality Saturday in Sherwood, Wisconsin, arguing with a constituent…

News Environment Friday, Oct 10 2014

Joni Ernst and the Kochs want to dismantle the Clean Water Act

Joni Ernst is preparing for a big debate, but before she takes the stage, let's take a look at who she would really represent in the Senate. According to audio released from the Kochs' secretive donor summit, Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst gushed that the Koch brothers' donor network is to thank for her political "trajectory." Ernst went on to attribute the Kochs' backing to her support for "rolling back... rules and regulations." It's an apt observation from Koch Crony Joni, who has gone so far as to oppose the Clean Water Act, a critical environmental protection that Koch Industries and its subsidiaries have run afoul of no less than 18 times in the Hawkeye State alone. Earlier this year, while campaigning for the Republican party nomination for Iowa's open Senate seat, Ernst said that she considers the Clean Water Act to be "damaging" to business and that she supports replacing it with "voluntary measures." The extreme remark even rankled members of her own party, with Republican operatives citing her opposition to the longstanding, successful environmental protection as proof positive that she had tacked too hard to the far right. Despite the push back it received from some establishment Republicans, Ernst's rant against the Clean Water Act is a perfect example of the type of anti-regulation rhetoric that, as she herself speculated, likely piqued the Kochs' attention.

News Climate Change Thursday, Aug 21 2014

Rick Scott Pretends To Listen To Scientists (NEW VIDEO)

Ever since Rick Scott's buffoonery on climate change was thrust into the national spotlight -- and promptly ridiculed -- he's been desperately trying to rehabilitate his image on the subject. The other week, he even strung together an environmental tour in which he purported to be an environmentalist. Well the charade has continued. Yesterday, Rick Scott finally met with climate scientist and he listened with all the focus and alacrity of an eighth grader on the last day of school. His faux interest in climate change (paired with his steadfast rejection of its causes) didn't fool the scientists that met with him and it isn't fooling the voters.

News Environment Thursday, Aug 7 2014

Oh Look, Rick Scott Is An Environmentalist Now! (VIDEO)

Rick Scott is traversing the state this week, attempting to convince Floridians that his sudden interest in environmental protection is something more than election-year pandering. It won't work. As rising sea levels associated with climate change pose greater and greater threat to the Florida coastline, Rick Scott has only doubled and tripled down on his "I'm not a scientist" buffoonery. But you don't have to be a scientist to listen to scientific consensus. And you certainly don't need a science-believing governor to suffer from increased flooding in your hometown.

The Wire Energy Friday, May 30 2014

Romney and Ernst: Trying to Take The Wind Out of Iowa's Economy

Mitt Romney, twice the loser of the Iowa presidential caucus, is visiting the Hawkeye state to lend a hand to extreme Tea Party Senate candidate Joni Ernst. While Romney may signify the face of the GOP establishment, he and Tea Partier Ernst share the extreme position of railing against the wind energy tax credits that are crucial to Iowa's economy. In 2012, Romney voiced his opposition to renewing wind energy tax credits, joking that they were unnecessary because "you can't drive a car with a windmill on it." An Iowa paper editorialized that Romney's stance was disappointing, and wind energy industry executives warned that letting the credits expire could kill 3000 Iowa jobs. Fast forward to the 2014 Senate race: Joni Ernst has similarly called for an end to wind energy subsidies. Unsurprisingly, Ernst's position is the same as the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity, who have railed against the same wind subsidies in Iowa--and who she recently thanked on facebook for pouring money into the race. Romney, Ernst and the Koch brothers: partners in extreme ideology. Bad for Iowa.

The Wire Energy Friday, May 16 2014

Scott Brown's Rough Week

Scott Brown has had a rough week. The former Massachusetts senator-turned-Fox News commentator-turned-New Hampshire senate hopeful has had a rocky introduction to the Granite State. As he said, "Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. 'Cause, you know, whatever." Well things got even worse this week when it came to light that Brown had been lobbying Republican senators to kill Jeanne Shaheen's bipartisan energy bill--which would have created jobs and protected the environment--to deprive his opponent of the accomplishment. Classy. Even Sen. Ayotte voted for the bill, despite Brown's personal appeal, because in her words, "I just did what I thought was best based on my state." And the week didn't get any better for Scott Brown. But don't take our word for it, just check out the headlines:

Kelly Ayotte Says She Ignored Scott Brown's Wishes For The Good Of New Hampshire

Ryan Grim, Huffington Post

Teamsters say Scott Brown lied to their face

James Pindell, WMUR

Midterm campaigning gets in the way of energy policy

Stephanie Condon, CBS News

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