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News Energy Thursday, May 14 2015

Jeb 'Lose the Primary to Win General' Bush Reverses Position on Yucca Mountain

May 14, 2015

Shot: May 13, 2015: Bush Opposes Yucca Mountain

“The ex-Florida governor told reporters after a Reno town hall meeting Wednesday he believes a high-level nuclear waste repository should be built only where the state and local communities have reached a consensus that they want it there.”

Chaser: Nov. 2006: Bush Supported Yucca Mountain

“But he has had a position in the past: He was for it.
 “The group [CASEnergy Coalition] was led by ex-New Jersey Gov. Christie Todd Whitman, but Bush was consistently  listed as a member. The coalition consistently pushed for the dump to be accelerated.
 “What’s more, those emails Bush recently released show he was fully briefed on Yucca Mountain during this time, so he shouldn;t have a reason to study it now. Team Jeb knew as far back as 2002 how controversial the issue was, as an aide advised him in an email.
“Bush can’t avoid his past on the repository, which was finally approved by a guy with the same last name in the White House. I don’t believe in the sins of the brother being visited on the brother, but Jeb appears to have had the same position as W.”

Published: May 14, 2015

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