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AB Leadership Tom Perez Tuesday, Mar 1 2022

The Hill and Politico Report on AB21’s New Poll on Women & the Economy 

Mar 01, 2022

Today, The Hill and Politico reported on a poll commissioned by American Bridge 21st Century and conducted by Impact Research. The survey found that as the U.S. economy continues to recover from the pandemic, women outside the major urban areas of key battleground states are perceiving the economy in a largely negative light, but feel more optimistic about their personal financial situations. 

Despite a strong majority of these women giving the economy a negative rating, nearly 6-in-10 of these women (59%) reported their personal financial situation to be either “good” or “excellent.”

“Democrats need to be laser-focused on talking about our massive economic victories throughout President Biden’s first year in office,” American Bridge Co-Chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez said to The Hill. “President Biden entered office with massive challenges caused by the pandemic. But thanks to the responsible leadership of the Biden administration, we are on a path to the fastest, strongest, recovery we’ve ever seen.”

The Hill: “Sixty-three percent of Democratic women feel good about their own finances, as do 60 percent of Republican women in the areas surveyed and 52 percent of independents. 

The poll also found a plurality of Black and Hispanic women surveyed felt positively about their finances, both key demographic groups Democrats have worried about losing support with given issues with inflation.”

Politico: “American Bridge — the research and messaging shop that has played an increasingly prominent role in the party — shared some polling with POLITICO that contends women outside major metro areas in key swing states maintain positive views on their own personal economic standing. This comes even as those women’s views on the local and national economy tank.

President Joe Biden will certainly spend at least a chunk of his State of the Union address talking about the economy on Tuesday — let’s see if he makes the connection Bridge is pushing for here, while views on the local and national economy remain negative, and Republicans continue to hammer away on inflation.” 

Published: Mar 1, 2022

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