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AB21 Leverages Influencer Program & Resources for Major Abortion Victory in Kansas Image

AB Leadership Abortion Wednesday, Aug 3 2022

AB21 Leverages Influencer Program & Resources for Major Abortion Victory in Kansas

Aug 03, 2022

On Tuesday, Kansas held the first electoral test of abortion rights since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. By a significant margin, Kansas residents voted to protect abortion rights. 

American Bridge 21st Century is proud to play a part in securing this historic victory through a targeted investment of over two-hundred thousand dollars.

“Tonight was a massive victory for abortion rights. It is crystal clear how popular protecting reproductive care and abortion rights are all over this country,” said Cecile Richards, former President of Planned Parenthood and Co-Chair of American Bridge 21st Century. “The overwhelming victory for abortion care in Kansas is a great example of people exercising their Democratic right to vote. The extraordinary turnout in Kansas today is a bellwether for what’s to come this November in the midterm elections and it’s crucial that we keep this momentum. We must hold Republicans accountable for their efforts to make abortion illegal in this country. Americans are rallying behind Roe v. Wade and we’re going to fight to make sure that abortion is legal for all Americans.” 

James Carville, senior advisor to American Bridge, noted about the decisive win: “Facing every obstacle possible, righteous anger and a good campaign won in Kansas. Democrats still face headwinds in the midterms, but this offers a pathway and a plan to make it clear just how out of touch Republicans are with most Americans.”

“American Bridge 21st Century is playing a critical role in the fight for individual rights and access to abortion care all over this country. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to support groups on the ground. The results speak for themselves. What happened tonight in Kansas proves that voters, even in historically red states, oppose banning abortion and ending a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. While Republicans continue to push an extreme, out of touch, far right agenda, American Bridge will hold them accountable every step of the way,” said Jessica Floyd, President of American Bridge 21st Century. 

In Kansas, we mobilized creators and boosted their content to key demographics and geographic areas within the state.

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In addition to our influencer program, American Bridge 21st Century made a six-figure investment in Kansans for Constitutional Freedom. The bipartisan coalition of reproductive rights advocates and allied organizations is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of Kansans to make personal health care decisions free from government interference. 

American Bridge also recently launched to hold Republican candidates and lawmakers accountable for their anti-abortion stances.

Published: Aug 3, 2022 | Last Modified: Aug 26, 2022

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