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Thursday, Nov 3 2016

KKKan You Believe David Duke Loves Trump?

Nov 03, 2016

At last night’s Louisiana Senate debate, Trump supporter and former KKK leader David Duke went off on an angry rant that not only echoed Trump campaign talking points, but also concluded with Duke favorably comparing himself to Trump (claiming that the two are both unfairly maligned by the media).

Oh, and then Duke promised to be Trump’s “most loyal advocate,” should he make it to the Senate.

David Duke doesn’t just like Trump, he actually seems something of himself in the Republican Party’s birther in chief. So much so, that Duke sincerely believes Trump listens to his radio show and even reads his books.

But is it any wonder that a former KKK leader is enamored with Trump, who’s called for racial profiling, a Muslim ban, and the forcible deportation of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States?

More on Duke’s performance at last night’s Louisiana Senate debate:

The Daily Beast: Despicable David Duke Does His Best Donald Trump Imitation
David Duke wants so badly to be Donald Trump; to matter on a national scale like Donald Trump. And in his ugly exploitation of the debate stage in Louisiana on Wednesday night, he got what he wanted: headlines like Donald Trump.

As he’s done throughout his campaign, Duke petulantly and garishly raged against Jewish people, immigrants and the Black Lives Matter movement, his words echoing hollow in an empty hall. All the while, he invoked Trump in his endless search for relevancy in a race that he will certainly not win.

The Hill: David Duke: I’ll be Trump’s ‘most loyal advocate’
David Duke says he will be Donald Trump’s “lost loyal advocate” if the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard is elected to the Senate and the GOP nominee wins the White House.

“Yeah, I’m the bad guy because I defend the people of this country that made our country great,” he said, loosely co-opting Trump’s “make America great again” mantra while responding to a jab from attorney Caroline Fayard (D).

Duke also made anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish control of the media and other institutions.

“There is a problem in America with a very strong, powerful tribal group that dominates our media, dominates our international banking,” he said, before adding “I’m not opposed to all Jews.”

Talking Points Memo: David Duke Rails Against Jews, Hillary Clinton During Louisiana Senate Debate

Former Ku Klux Klan leader and Louisiana Senate candidate David Duke railed against Jews and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a Wednesday night debate at a historically black college.

Duke is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and he released a robocall campaign and fundraising letter urging Louisianans to support a Trump-Duke ticket.

Published: Nov 3, 2016

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