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Friday, Nov 4 2016

Donald Trump Doesn't Respect Working Families

Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board ordered Donald Trump to sit down with the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 workers at his Las Vegas hotel. His employees voted to join the Culinary Union in December of 2015, but Trump has since stalled nearly a year, refusing to recognize the workers' rights and bargain with them. Even worse, Trump intimidated his workers as they sought to unionize, threatening their…

Monday, Aug 8 2016

Trump's Real Record On Equal Pay and Working Families

At the RNC convention in Cleveland last month, Ivanka Trump claimed that Donald Trump would be fantastic for women and working families. Following in…

Thursday, Apr 14 2016

Ayotte Pushes Sham Bill To Cover Up Her 4 Votes Against Equal Pay

Senator Kelly Ayotte has spent the past week calling for an end to income inequality between men and women, but…

Tuesday, Apr 12 2016

GOP Senators Stand In The Way Of Equal Pay For Equal Work

Women in the U.S. still earn less than men on average for the same work. Today -- Equal Pay Day…

Tuesday, Nov 3 2015

Rob Portman's Votes Show Where He Really Stands On Equal Pay

Last week, Ann Romney attempted to help Ohio Senator Rob Portman rally Ohio women by launching "Women for Portman." Speaking at the…

Wednesday, Aug 26 2015

Women's Equality Day Reminder: These Senators Voted Down Equal Pay

Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio have all proven more than a few times that they're on…

Monday, Jun 2 2014

What WASN'T In Rick Scott's Budget Speaks Volumes

Rick Scott signed his record-breaking budget today, packed with taxpayer handouts to special interests. But perhaps what is even worse than what's in his budget is what isn't. The Scott budget did nothing to increase Florida's minimum wage and give a raise to hardworking Florida families trying to get by. Not surprising, considering even the thought of raising the minimum wage makes Rick Scott cringe. His budget did nothing to expand Medicaid, as over 750,000 Floridians, including 41,000 veterans, continue to be denied health care. And his budget did nothing to guarantee equal pay for women in the Sunshine State. Budgets are an embodiment of priorities, and Rick Scott's priorities are clear: Special interests first. Florida last. Check out the graphics below: ScottBudgetEqualPay ScottBudgetMedicaid ScottBudgetMinWage

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