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News Outsourcing Tuesday, Aug 23 2016

Pence To Plug Anti-Working Families Ticket At Non-Union Manufacturer

Aug 23, 2016

It’s fitting that Mike Pence is today campaigning at a non-union, Pipersville, PA, manufacturer, because Pence and Donald Trump have a decidedly anti-working families agenda.

For starters, there’s Trump’s baffling hypocrisy on outsourcing. The self-styled “opponent” of outsourcing has not only profited off outsourcing companies that he’s criticized, but also outsourced the production of his own Trump-branded products and imported foreign workers at prolific levels.

And then there’s the Trump-Pence tax plan, which would add $10 trillion in debt and disproportionately boot top income-earners. Donald Trump’s tax proposal would also, among other things, deliver “extremely large and unprecedented tax-cut windfalls for people with incomes exceeding $1 million a year, almost certainly at the expense of low- and middle-income households.”

Here’s where else the Trump-Pence ticket stands:

Anti-Minimum Wage

  • Trump: Trump has said “wages [are] too high” and, even worse, has called for an end to the federal minimum wage.
  • Pence: When he was in Congress, then-Rep. Pence in 2007 fought to keep the federal minimum wage at $5.15, arguing, “[a]n excessive increase in the minimum wage will hurt the working poor.” In line with his view that working families didn’t deserve a pay raise, as governor of Indiana, Pence in 2013 signed a law “prohibit[ing] local governments from requiring businesses [to] pay a higher minimum wage…if it’s not mandated by state or federal law.”

Pro-Right to Work for Less

Anti-Equal Pay

Published: Aug 23, 2016

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