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Donald Trump Tuesday, Jun 23 2020

American Bridge Releases Report Detailing Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response

The report contrasts the erratic U.S. response to other developed nations Today, 2,200,000 Americans have contracted the virus, and 120,000…

Donald Trump Kelly Loeffler Tuesday, Mar 24 2020

Corrupt Wall Street Megadonors Have Direct Line To Trump While Americans Struggle

Just hours ago, Donald Trump shocked health experts and the nation by claiming that he wants the country “opened up”…

Donald Trump Tuesday, Mar 24 2020

FACT CHECK: Trump Lies to Hide Failing COVID-19 Response

As Donald Trump addresses the nation through a virtual town hall, the American people should think twice before believing a…

Donald Trump Friday, Mar 20 2020

Washington Post: A brutal new ad uses Trump’s own words against him

By Greg Sargent on 3/20/20 at 3:28 PMIt’s often argued that we must avoid “politicizing” crises like the current coronavirus catastrophe. But…

Donald Trump Friday, Mar 20 2020

New Digital Campaign Slams Trump For Failing Coronavirus Response

American Bridge Launches New Digital Ads in MI, PA, WI American Bridge is launching an aggressive new digital campaign slamming…

Kelly Loeffler Friday, Mar 20 2020

New Ad Launches Against Kelly Loeffler For Likely Criminal Profiting Off Coronavirus Pandemic

American Bridge is launching a new ad in Georgia today following last night’s report that unelected Senator Kelly Loeffler dumped a massive…

Kelly Loeffler Thursday, Mar 19 2020

American Bridge Calls on Kelly Loeffler to Resign For Violating Public Trust

Shortly after a devastating report on Senator Richard Burr dumping stock at a profit days before the stock market plummeted, Daily Beast broke the…

Richard Burr Thursday, Mar 19 2020

American Bridge Calls on Senator Burr to Resign Immediately Over Likely Criminal Behavior

"Senator Burr needs to resign immediately. His conduct as detailed by this report represents a gross violation of the public's…

Donald Trump Thursday, Mar 19 2020

New York Times: Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded

Donald Trump continues to gaslight our country about what he knew and when knew it, but we know the truth:…

Donald Trump Richard Burr Susan Collins Thursday, Mar 19 2020

Devastating Audio of Sen. Burr’s Coronavirus Warning Raises Questions About What Susan Collins Knew and When Did She Know It

This morning, NPR obtained devastating audio of Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr telling an elite group of business people in a…

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