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Thursday, Sep 2 2021

Round-Up: Cecile Richards Breaks Down Texas Abortion Ban

American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Discusses Impact On Women And Midterm Elections Last night, American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair and former…

Wednesday, Sep 1 2021

Statement from Co-Chair Cecile Richards on Texas Abortion Ban

Today, American Bridge 21st Century released the following statement from co-chair Cecile Richards on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Texas abortion ban.…

Wednesday, Sep 16 2020

“In Their Own Words” TX Legislators on Reproductive Rights

American Bridge 21st Century has launched a new “In Their Own Words” series to remind voters of the extreme anti-choice…

Thursday, Aug 20 2020

Oppo Dump: TX Republicans’ Disastrous Health Care Records

American Bridge 21st Century released the second in a series of reports targeting Republican state lawmakers, read it here. Today…

Jeff Leach Matt Shaheen Thursday, Jul 9 2020

WATCH: Matt Shaheen & Jeff Leach: Wrong on COVID-19, Wrong for Texas

Watch the video here As coronavirus cases surge in Texas, American Bridge 21st Century released a new video blasting Rep.…

Thursday, Jun 25 2020

Oppo Dump: Vulnerable Texas Republicans on LGBTQ Equality

American Bridge releases their first state legislative “oppo dump” focused on Republican lawmakers’ LGBTQ records, read it here. Today, American…

Thursday, Jun 25 2020

American Bridge Oppo Dump Targets Vulnerable Republican State Lawmakers on LGBTQ Equality

American Bridge releases their first reports in a series of “oppo dumps” targeting 26 Republican state lawmakers’ LGBTQ records Today,…

Friday, Jun 3 2016

Trump Donated $35K To TX Gov. After Getting A Free Pass On His Trump U Fraud

In 2010, the state of Texas nearly held Donald Trump accountable for his "university" scam that shamelessly deployed predatory sales tactics to…

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