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Thursday, Jun 25 2020

American Bridge Oppo Dump Targets Vulnerable Republican State Lawmakers on LGBTQ Equality

Jun 25, 2020

American Bridge releases their first reports in a series of “oppo dumps” targeting 26 Republican state lawmakers’ LGBTQ records

Today, American Bridge 21st Century — a progressive opposition research group — released the first in a series of “oppo dumps” targeting 26 vulnerable state-level Republicans in Texas, Arizona and Florida. The reports include lawmakers’ legislative records, donations, statements and questionnaire responses on LGBTQ equality. 

“Last week’s Supreme Court decision was a victory for LGBTQ equality, but the work now continues in the halls of state legislatures and who we elect matters more than ever,” said Katie Parrish, spokesperson at American Bridge. “For too long, Republican-controlled state legislatures in Texas, Arizona and Florida have pushed dangerous anti-LGBTQ legislation. It’s time to oust these lawmakers who stand in the way of progress and equality.”

Report Highlights:

  • TEXAS:  Rep. Matt Shaheen (HD-66) — who won his suburban Dallas district by just 391 votes in 2018 — has authored/co-authored 12 anti-equality bills. He called LGBTQ organizations a “traveling roadshow” and said we’re “better off” with the discriminatory laws like the state’s Chick-Fil-A law. View the full state report.
  • ARIZONA: Phoenix-area Rep. Anthony Kern (LD-20) has warned of an LGBTQ takeover. He has used his Rules Committee chairship to kill 11 bills protecting LGBTQ people from conversion therapy and discrimination in housing, health care and employment. View the full state report
  • FLORIDA – Jason Brodeur (running for SD-9 in Central Florida) hasn’t faced a Democratic competitor since his first election in ‘10. He killed a bill that would ban dangerous conversion therapy on children and sponsored a bill that allowed adoption agencies to deny LGBTQ families. View the full state report

American Bridge’s Oppo Dumps are a component of the group’s new state legislative program which aims to help Democrats flip control of state legislatures through comprehensive candidate research and tracking. The organization will release additional dumps this summer to expose Republican state lawmakers’ records on women’s rights, health care, and education.

Published: Jun 25, 2020 | Last Modified: Jul 23, 2020

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