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Wednesday, Sep 16 2020

“In Their Own Words” TX Legislators on Reproductive Rights

Sep 16, 2020

American Bridge 21st Century has launched a new “In Their Own Words” series to remind voters of the extreme anti-choice views of Republican state lawmakers currently up for reelection. 

Rep. Jeff Leach, HD-67:

  • “It is my hope that next session we can take our 20-week ban down to possibly an 8, 12 or 16-week ban.. It is my belief that some of these bills passed in these other states and certainly in Texas will lead to abortion hopefully being a thing of the past in this country.” (06/09/19, LINK
  • “Make no mistake we’ve got a lot more to do on the pro-life front in the state. We’ve got a long way to go, but what we are learning from this process is, I think, preparing us for some pretty monumental legislation that we are going to file and push very aggressively next session.” (04/15/20, LINK)
  • “I hope that people will go to this group’s page and vote for me for worst pro-choice legislator in the state of Texas that would be a great honor for me.” (05/20/20, LINK
  • Of course we would love to do away with abortion altogether.” (2/26/2018, LINK)

Rep. Lynn Stucky, HD-64:

  • “I got a 100% rating by Right to Life… We had some great bills, including that bill, that make it more difficult to have abortions — especially abortions that tear featuses apart and then are taken out of the uterus… We will continue to work on other pro-life measures.” (11/09/17, LINK)

Rep. Matt Shaheen, HD-66:

  • When discussing his support for the Born Alive Bill, legislation based on misinformation, Rep. Shaheen said, “What we wanted to do as a state, as leaders in the pro-life movement is really send a message… We not only passed the Born Alive Bill, which protects that little baby… We love little babies in the state of Texas and the nation and the world needs to know that. And we’re going to do everything we can to protect those little babies.” (9/30/19, LINK)

Rep. Angie Chen Button, HD-112:

  • “Well, I am pro-life you know once again look at my voting records.” (10/06/15, LINK)

Published: Sep 16, 2020

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