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Friday, Nov 19 2021

Joblessness Plummets and Biden Continues To Roll Out His Economic Agenda

The American Rescue Plan continues to help families and communities across the country and newspapers are noticing the thousands of…

Thursday, Nov 18 2021

ICYMI: U.S. Jobless Claims Drop For The Seventh Consecutive Week

Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and congressional Democrats, U.S. jobless claims have dropped for the seventh consecutive week, reaching…

Wednesday, Nov 17 2021

Coverage Roundup: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Helps Americans in Every Community

On Monday, President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, a historic investment in our country’s infrastructure and in the Americans who…

Monday, Nov 15 2021

President Biden’s Child Tax Credit Is Changing Lives

Today, parents will receive the latest installment of President Biden and congressional Democrats' Child Tax Credit, a historic middle class…

Monday, Nov 15 2021

President Biden Signs Historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

This afternoon, President Biden officially signed the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill into law, marking the beginning of America’s most ambitious…

Monday, Nov 8 2021

Coverage Roundup: Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Revitalizes The Nation

Last Friday, House Democrats passed President Biden’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that will create millions of good-paying jobs, build new…

Thursday, Oct 28 2021

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd on Build Back Better Framework

President Jessica Floyd Congratulates President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ Historic Build Back Better Framework Today, President Biden announced a framework…

Tuesday, Oct 19 2021

Round-Up: The Broad Benefits of Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

President Biden’s legislative agenda invests in our nation’s future, and around the country in key swing states, parents, families, and…

Thursday, Oct 7 2021

Tom Perez: President Biden’s Plan Is Crucial For Latino Pennsylvanians

Today, as we near the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, Al Día News published an op-ed from American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair Tom…

Thursday, Oct 7 2021

Must-Read Report Calls Out Big Pharma’s Big Lie on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation

A new report from Kaiser Family Foundation highlights that Big Pharma, GOP members of Congress and 2022 candidates, and outside groups pushing Pharma’s…

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