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Friday, Jan 14 2022

President Biden’s ARP and BID are a BFD

Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and American Rescue Plan, the federal government is repairing and upgrading roughly 15,000 highway…

Wednesday, Jan 5 2022

800,000+ New December Jobs Shows President Biden’s Economic Plan Is Working

According to today’s jobs report, in the month of December under the Biden-Harris Administration, the United States added over 800,000 jobs across all…

Monday, Jan 3 2022

Biden Admin Throws Bacon To Small Meat Producers

According to a new report from Axios, today President Biden will offer $1 billion “to help independent meat and poultry producers” as…

Wednesday, Dec 22 2021

“Christmas Gifts Are Arriving On Time” As The “Booming U.S. Economy Ripples World-Wide”

Gifts are flying off the shelf and arriving on time under Biden's booming economy As Americans across the country get…

Monday, Dec 20 2021

Airports Flying High Thanks To Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

It’s infrastructure week again in America, and news outlets in key swing states continue to highlight how the Bipartisan Infrastructure…

Wednesday, Dec 15 2021

President Biden’s Child Tax Credit Continues To Deliver Aid For Working Families

Today, families will receive another installment of President Biden and congressional Democrats' Child Tax Credit, a historic middle-class tax cut…

Thursday, Dec 9 2021

President Biden’s Economy Is On The Rise As Jobless Claims and Prices Decline

Just in time for the holiday season, the cost of gas continues to fall as President Biden’s economic agenda addresses…

Wednesday, Dec 8 2021

Biden’s Economic Agenda Lowers Costs For Working Families

From helping every American get cheaper gas, to giving people the high speed internet they deserve, to lending homeless Americans…

Wednesday, Dec 1 2021

Biden Admin Efforts Ease Supply Chain Problems Ahead of the Holidays

President Joe Biden is getting America back to work, and his decisive decision-making is easing the supply-chain bottleneck. Thanks to the Biden…

Monday, Nov 22 2021

Coverage Roundup: Benefits of Biden’s Economic Agenda

Last week, President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which revamps our crumbling bridges and roads, removes thousands of lead…

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