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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Monday, Aug 10 2020

Trump International Golf Resort Financials

Trump International Golf Club: Scotland Limited Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited 2018Download Trump International Golf Club Scotland Limited 2017Download…

Donald Trump Friday, Aug 7 2020

The Trump Research Book

American Bridge 21st Century Launches Free, Publicly-Accessible Trump Opposition Research Hub The first-of-its-kind website provides free and searchable thematic reports…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Aug 5 2020

American Bridge 21st Century Releases New Ads In $25 Million Swing State Effort

American Bridge 21st Century launched new ads in its multi-million dollar Swing County Project aimed at weakening Donald Trump’s support with seniors and the small-town, rural voters necessary to his reelection effort.

Donald Trump Monday, Aug 3 2020

Donald Trump’s Fails (Again) to Release Health Care Plan

In an interview with Fox News two weeks ago, Donald Trump promised a health care plan within fourteen days. Two weeks later, Trump has failed to deliver or even communicate the foundations of a health care plan – a hallmark of disastrous tenure in office.

News Donald Trump Economy Thursday, Jul 30 2020

Donald Trump’s Illegal “Delay the Election” Trial Balloon

Today, Donald Trump floated the illegal idea of “delaying the election” in order to distract from the historic plunge the United States economy took in the second quarter and to discredit perfectly safe and legal vote-by-mail efforts.

News Donald Trump Joe Biden Monday, Jul 27 2020

MEMO: State of the Race — 100 Days

Donald Trump is in trouble. With 100 days until Election Day, Trump has never been weaker with the very voters in the critical swing states he cannot win without.

Chris Sununu Donald Trump Health Care Friday, Jul 10 2020

WATCH: Sununu Stands with Trump, Not New Hampshire

Ahead of Trump’s rally on Saturday, American Bridge 21st Century released a new video slamming Gov. Chris Sununu for his…

Donald Trump Thursday, Jul 9 2020

Trump Shelling Out to Protect Donors, Not Students

“With Donald Trump threatening to cut school funding, nothing could be more tone-deaf than covering the cost of health screenings…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

American Bridge 21st Century Launches New Ads In $25 Million Swing State Effort

‘Swing County Project’ to Build on Successful Efforts to Weaken Trump’s Support, Boost Biden with Key Constituencies in Michigan, Pennsylvania,…

Donald Trump Mike Pence Education Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

In PA, Pence to Prop Up Trump’s Dangerous Threats and Disastrous Failures

As the United States surges past 3,000,000 coronavirus cases, Mike Pence heads to Pennsylvania to spin Donald Trump’s failed coronavirus…

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