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Friday, Jul 15 2022

WATCH: Josh Hawley Pointedly Declines To Support Trump Campaign

Ahead Of Own Likely 2024 Bid, Hawley Only Pledges Support to Trump “If” He Wins The Nomination Despite no national…

Wednesday, Jun 22 2022

GOP Primary Voters Reject Trump and 2024 Challengers in Key State of Georgia

With big losses in the 2022 Georgia primaries and runoffs, it is clear that Trump’s political capital is waning. Yesterday,…

Thursday, Jun 9 2022

With Kelley’s Arrest, Michigan GOP’s Bad Week Gets Worse

It was already looking bad for the Michigan Republican Party. And that’s before the FBI came knocking. Five Republican gubernatorial…

Wednesday, Jun 8 2022

Trump Losses Mount With Another Primary Night

With another round of GOP primaries last night comes another round of Trump losses. Yesterday, South Dakota Sen. John Thune…

Friday, May 27 2022

After Uvalde Massacre, 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Address NRA Convention

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Previously Signed Legislation Ease Restrictions On Where Guns Could Be Carried - Including In Texas Schools.…

Wednesday, May 18 2022

MAGA Republican Primaries Show Limit Of Trump’s “Control Over His Own Creation”

Yesterday, North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn and Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin lost their respective Republican primaries, becoming the latest candidates to lose despite receiving the “coveted”…

Friday, May 13 2022

Fault Lines in Primaries Foreshadow 2024 Drama

According to a new report from NBC News, Trump-endorsed candidates for this year’s midterm elections have an official 56-1 record after…

Thursday, May 5 2022

Kari Lake’s Dangerous Campaign: Fueled By Vitriol and Conspiracy Theories

Two new reports from the Arizona Republic and the New York Times break down Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s…

Wednesday, May 4 2022

Trump Response to SCOTUS Decision: “A lot of people are very happy”

Aggrieved Florida man and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump broke his silence on Monday night’s leaked Supreme Court draft in Dobbs v.…

Wednesday, May 4 2022

In OHSEN, Cruz and Noem Endorsed… And Their Candidates Tanked

GOP Civil War Continues Apace in Ohio Senate Race Yesterday, 2024 presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz and Kristi Noem were embarrassed when each…

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