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News LGBTQ+ Thursday, Aug 11 2016

"Friend" Speaks To Enemies (1/2)

In the aftermath of the attack on the Pulse nightclub, Donald Trump journeyed to Manchester, New Hampshire and claimed that…

News Monday, Jul 11 2016

Winning With Veterans: Trump Opposes The GI Bill

Donald Trump regularly promises that under his leadership we're going to "win with veterans". Trump's record, however, shows an uniformed…

News Wednesday, Jun 22 2016

Day One For Candidate Rubio Brings Familiar Questions About Absenteeism

On his first day running for reelection, Marco Rubio once again had to answer questions about missing so many votes in the…

News Thursday, May 19 2016

From Duke Energy To America Airlines, Nothing But Bad News For McCrory

It's another week of bad news for Governor Pat McCrory. The Winston-Salem Journal exposed the embattled governor and his administration prioritizing his friends at Duke…

News Tuesday, Feb 9 2016

Rubiobot Evolution

The evolution of a candidate. The evolution of a candidate. The evolution of a candidate.  

News Friday, Jan 29 2016

Tim Neville Won't Stand Up For Colorado's Working Women

On the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, working women are still fighting to…

News Education Monday, Aug 10 2015

Rubio, For-Profit College Beneficiary, Supports Plan Benefiting For-Profit Colleges

Absentee U.S. Senator and for-profit college beneficiary Marco Rubio this morning went on Fox & Friends to talk about college affordability. Here's what…

News Friday, Aug 7 2015

Trumping Fox?

After last night's debate, Donald Trump is being written off...just like he was after attacking John McCain, calling Mexicans "rapists"…

News Wednesday, Aug 5 2015

Jeb Bush's Callous Disregard For The Well-Being Of American Women

In calling for defunding Planned Parenthood, and questioning whether "we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues," Jeb Bush…

News Tuesday, Apr 7 2015

Jeb's Self-ID Problem Draws Widespread Mockery

Jeb Bush's self-identification problem had the political world scratching its head Monday. After registering as "Hispanic" on his 2009 Florida voter registration form, the presumptive presidential candidate was hard-pressed to explain the error. Instead he tried to poke fun at the mistake, which would have been a savvy move had the entire national press corps not beat him to the punch.

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