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News Tuesday, May 30 2017

Insurance Companies Call Out Trump Administration's Health Care Sabotage, Echo CBO

Executives from insurance companies covering millions of Americans are calling out the Trump administration for intentionally sabotaging health care markets…

News Wednesday, Jun 21 2017

Despite secrecy, experts confirm the Senate Trumpcare bill would hammer families

Polls continue to show that Trumpcare is growing even more deeply unpopular with the American people as the Senate continues to shut out…

News Monday, May 8 2017

ICYMI – Top Sunday Show Reality Checks on Trumpcare

This weekend, across all five major networks, reporters and Republicans debunked the Trump administration's lies and exposed the dangers Trumpcare…

News Wednesday, Aug 5 2015

Jeb Bush's Callous Disregard For The Well-Being Of American Women

In calling for defunding Planned Parenthood, and questioning whether "we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues," Jeb Bush…

News Monday, Jul 10 2017

Trump Administration ACA sabotage proves it's time to dump Trumpcare

"More Americans have coverage now than at any point in history because of the Affordable Care Act, yet Donald Trump…

News Monday, Jun 26 2017

Following Devastating CBO Trumpcare score, American Bridge Urges Public To Share Stories With Local Reporters

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler responded to the Congressional Budget Office's scoring of the Senate Trumpcare bill, which was written…

News Wednesday, Sep 20 2017

FLASHBACK: Earlier this Year, Graham, Cassidy, Heller Said CBO Scores Vital to Vetting Health Care Bills

This week, Senate Republicans once against exposed their partisan hypocrisy by recklessly dismissing the need for a full CBO score…

News Friday, Aug 17 2018

Brat Receives “Worst For Women” Award, Is Targeted by Campaign

American Bridge and UltraViolet PAC have launched a new campaign targeting U.S. Rep. Dave Brat for being one of the worst members…

News Tuesday, Mar 7 2017

Trumpcare is a disaster and is already collapsing on itself

Less than a day after House Republicans released an Obamacare replacement plan that President Trump has endorsed, his own party…

News Thursday, Jun 22 2017

Healthcare Experts, Organizations​ Condemn Backroom Senate Trumpcare Bill 

The Trumpcare bill that Republican Senators developed behind closed doors is being met with forceful opposition from healthcare experts and…

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