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Zika Spreads; Rubio Balks

Jul 29, 2016

“Florida officials on Friday announced the first local spread of Zika virus through infected mosquitoes in the continental United States,” according to the Washington Post, but Marco Rubio still can’t seem to influence Republican obstructionism on Zika funding.

Sure, Rubio sent a letter calling for currently available funds to be spent more quickly, but that’s just posturing. Rubio has talked a big game on Zika funding since at least April, but he’s yet to get any results. Instead, Florida’s now has 383 Zika cases on the books — including 55 cases involving pregnant women.

Florida voters deserve better than an absentee senator who’s made a career of hardline partisanship but remains so ineffective that he can’t even convince his fellow Party of Trump obstructionists to address a looming public health crisis.

Ignoring Rubio, Speaker Paul Ryan and congressional Republicans have instead cynically purposed their already-underfunded Zika measure as an attack on women’s healthcare.

It’s no wonder that Rubio’s presidential campaign surrogates struggled to name any accomplishments he’s had since 2010. Rubio talks a big game but can’t seem to get anything done. With good reason: it’s hard to get be effective when you don’t show up for work.

Published: Jul 29, 2016

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