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News Tuesday, Apr 25 2017

First 100 Days: Our Misogynous, Racist President's Un-American Agenda

Apr 25, 2017

Donald Trump ran a divisive and un-American campaign fueled by virulent racism and xenophobia. And the life-long misogynist didn’t back off his sexist and abusive past during his candidacy, refusing to apologize for his bragging about sexually assaulting women and even attacking his numerous accusers as they came forward.
It should come as little surprise, then, that Donald Trump is no better a person now, as president, than he was as the Republican nominee, or during his prior 70-years of discriminating against people of color, denigrating women, and exploiting others for personal gain.


Rather than bring the country together as he said he would — and indeed he the chance to do so — Trump has instead continued to divide us.

When not fearmongering and trying to legislate his racist and alienating campaign promises — see: his deportation force, $70 billion-dollar taxpayer-funded wall, and two unconstitutional Muslim bans — Trump has attacked women’s healthcare access and LGBT rights, revoked fair-pay and workplace-safety protections, and made it harder for disadvantaged students to get ahead.
During his 100 days in office, Donald Trump has done nothing to bring us together, but taken countless actions to undermine our sacred American values of acceptance, tolerance, equality, and opportunity.
Read the research — “100 Days: Our Misogynous, Racist President’s Un-American Agenda” here and get an early look at today’s web ads below.


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Published: Apr 25, 2017

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