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News Tuesday, Mar 14 2017

American Bridge Polling Of Obama/Trump Voters On The Trump Agenda

American Bridge is today releasing new polling conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research that focuses on  voters who approved of…

News Friday, Jun 15 2018

NEW ADS: Morrisey & Hawley Threaten Healthcare for Millions of Americans

WATCH: Patrick Morrisey and Josh Hawley are Suing the Government to Strip Protections from Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Today, Bridge…

News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Aug 31 2016

MEMO: How Marco Rubio Has Failed Florida

When Marco Rubio reneged on his pledge to not run for reelection in Florida, it was clear that his path…

News Wednesday, Jul 15 2015

2016 GOP Field Seizes On Dishonest Excuse to Target Planned Parenthood

Republicans have been trying for years to undermine Planned Parenthood and women’s access to healthcare, be it through efforts to…

News Tuesday, Mar 26 2019

2020 GOP Senators will own any damage to the ACA

Republicans still haven’t learned their lesson from 2018 The Trump administration’s announcement last night -- that it will back a court ruling…

News Tuesday, Dec 12 2017

American Bridge Launches “Problem Putnam” Campaign

American Bridge today released their initial campaign against Adam Putnam including a memo outlining initial research into Adam Putnam’s record…

News Friday, Mar 31 2017

Here's who works in the Trump White House

Trump's White House seems to be making their financial disclosure release as convoluted and shady as possible, so here's our list of White House staff we've culled from articles and other reports.

News Tuesday, Mar 21 2017

Bridge Project Video: Why Gorsuch Is Wrong For the Supreme Court

Bridge Project is today releasing a new video highlighting Neil Gorsuch's right-wing record and strict adherence to an anti-worker, pro-corporate…

News Wednesday, Jul 19 2017

First Carrier and Boeing. Now Harley-Davidson. More Layoffs, Offshoring at Trump-Touted Businesses.

Trump in February put Harley-Davidson on a pedestal for "building things in America" and creating jobs. Now, the manufacturer is opening a…

News Monday, Feb 15 2016

Rep. Joe Heck: Wrong on Immigration, Just like Sharron Angle

Given Congressman Joe Heck's record on voting to deport 5 million people in the U.S., it's no surprise the Washington Republican…

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