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Cuccinelli clings to Tea Party extremism in final debate

At tonight's debate, Ken Cuccinelli returned to his roots by embracing the extreme agenda of the Tea Party at every turn. Virginians are seeking a mainstream leader to boost the Commonwealth's economy and create jobs, so it's no surprise that voters are rejecting a candidate who made a name for himself by waging unpopular fights to further his extreme agenda. After three debates, voters know who Cuccinelli is and what he stands for:

When you stack up that extreme record next to the mainstream, bipartisan approach of Terry McAuliffe, it's easy to see why Virginians are rejecting Ken Cuccinelli.

News LGBTQ+ Taxes Wednesday, Sep 25 2013

Bridge Briefs for tonight's VA-Gov debate

In preparation for tonight's Gubernatorial debate between Terry McAuliffe and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, American Bridge released the following Bridge Briefs:

Cuccinelli’s Anti-Woman Record  Cuccinelli, Personhood & Birth Control  Cuccinelli’s Anti-Gay Views & Statements  Cuccinelli’s Disastrous Tax Plan  Cuccinelli’s Opposition to Bipartisan Transportation Plan

News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Sep 25 2013

VIDEO: Presenting E.W. Jackson's Context of Hate

During last night's Lieutenant Governor debate, Republican EW Jackson claimed that past comments of his insulting the LGBT community have been "taken completely out of context." Really?? You can make a judgment on that yourself. Here's American Bridge's newest web video:

News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, Jul 24 2013

WHSV: Cuccinelli "wants to change your sex life"

This WHSV segment that cuts through the clutter & tells it like it is. It's sad that with so many important issue at stake, Cuccinelli is obsessed with his extreme stances on divisive social issues.

News LGBTQ+ Saturday, Jul 20 2013

Cuccinelli: "What You See is What You Get?"

"Virginia needs a Governor who'll be straight with you, not just tell you what you want to hear." That's what Ken Cuccinelli had to say during his opening statement of today's debate, right after he told Virginians "as your next Governor, I'll advance policies that grow jobs for the middle class." Riiiight. A review of Cuccinelli's career proves that he was not being straight with the people of Virginia today in Hot Springs. Despite running from his past throughout this campaign, Cuccinelli has devoted his entire career to imposing his extreme views on divisive social issues.

News LGBTQ+ Friday, Jul 19 2013

BRIDGE BRIEF: Cuccinelli's Anti-Gay Views & Statements

Cuccinelli Said That “Homosexual Acts” Should Be Illegal Because “They Don’t Comport With Natural Law.” According to a Virginian-Pilot editorial Cuccinelli said, “My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law based country it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that. ... They don’t comport with natural law. I happen to think that it represents (to put it politely; I need my thesaurus to be polite) behavior that is not healthy to an individual and in aggregate is not healthy to society.” [Editorial – Virginian-Pilot, 10/26/09] Cuccinelli Said That The Acts Of Homosexuality Are “A Detriment To Our Culture.” According to an interview exchange with Cucinelli aired on MSNBC, “UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: You think gays -- the practice of homosexuality is a detriment to our culture? KEN CUCCINELLI, VIRGINIA STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL: The acts are. I mean, you certainly want everybody in your society to be integrated into society, so that`s a focus that I’d like to take.” [MSNBC, 3/192010] Cuccinelli Said Homosexuality “Brings Nothing But Self-Destruction, Not Only Physically But Of Their Soul.” According to the Washington Post, “Cuccinelli told the Family Foundation that the ranks of conservatives who still focus on the social issues are quite small in the state Senate, with but six conservatives among 19 Republican senators. That's a tally many on the other side of the aisle would find all too stinting. But Cuccinelli said all is not lost. Despite the Democrats taking back the Senate this year, a few Democrats support the right on social issues. ‘And on the homosexual agenda,’ the senator said, "we will sometimes get members of the Black Caucus with us.’ ‘Your prayers strengthen us,’ Cuccinelli said, telling about his effort to defeat a resolution expressing support for a Richmond gay organization. ‘When you look at the homosexual agenda, I cannot support something that I believe brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul.’” [Washington Post, 2/5/08]

News LGBTQ+ Thursday, Jun 27 2013

Rand Paul “Agrees to Disagree” With Self on Gay Marriage

In the aftermath of yesterday’s historic Supreme Court decision overturning DOMA, Sen. Rand Paul appeared to distance himself from his Republican colleagues eager to rush to the wrong side of history. ABC News reported that “Paul said he agreed with [Justice Anthony] Kennedy,” calling the ruling “appropriate” and “tried to strike a balance.” But hours later, Paul debased himself and any moderate image he’s been crafting in a cheap ploy to curry favor from Glenn Beck. As Beck speculated on the possibility of the court’s decision leading to polygamy, Paul threw himself head-first down the slippery slope by raising the specter of legalized bestiality: “But it is difficult because if we have no laws on this people take it to one extension further. Does it have to be humans?” [gallery link="file" ids="10219,10220"]

News LGBTQ+ Friday, May 31 2013

EW Jackson on GOP ticket: "More homogeneous than almost any ticket ever"

Today on WMAL, EW Jackson put to rest any talk about disagreement or space between himself and Ken Cuccinelli. Jackson said:

"We are in fundamental agreement. I've heard that this ticket is probably more homogeneous than almost any ticket ever in the history of Virginia, So there's no stark disagreement between us."

News LGBTQ+ Wednesday, May 22 2013

The verdict is in: Virginia GOP ticket is a disaster

Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli did not get to choose his running mate. But E.W. Jackson is everything – short of experience, competency, and electability – Cuccinelli could have hoped for in a Lieutenant Governor.

With the spate of recent headlines, one might question why Cuccinelli would say of Jackson I’m glad he’s on this ticket:

Todd Akin, Virginia Style (Roll Call)

Virginia Republicans Panicking Over Their Choice for Lieutenant Governor (National Journal)

Bill Bolling: GOP pick E.W. Jackson's remarks ‘indefensible’ (POLITICO)

Virginia Republicans Aren’t Flocking To Anti-Gay Lieutenant Governor Hopeful (BuzzFeed)

But Cuccinelli and Jackson share a radical conservative worldview that is too extreme for Virginia. Jackson’s sudden emergence has caused his comments to draw the majority of the attention of late. Don’t forget that the man Republicans have nominated at the top of the ticket has his own history of outrageous comments that make Cuccinelli and Jackson a perfect match.

News LGBTQ+ Thursday, Apr 4 2013


Today American Bridge launched to educate voters on Ken Cuccinelli's extreme views on everything from sexual orientation and climate change to Medicare and reproductive freedom. The statements show that the focus of Cuccinelli's career has always been on furthering his extreme agenda rather than finding mainstream solutions for Virginians. Check it out - Some examples... [gallery link="file" ids="10227,10228"]

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