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Tuesday, Mar 31 2015

VIDEO: Indiana's RFRA: Par for the Course for GOP Presidential Candidates

Mar 31, 2015

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act has created a national uproar that serves as a stark reminder of the state of today’s Republican Party: par for the course is extreme policies for America.

Following a complete duff trying to defend the law on Sunday from Governor Mike Pence, the GOP’s leading presidential contenders didn’t lay-up, they doubled-downed. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, among others, took to the airways to unequivocally endorse Indiana’s RFRA.

“I think Governor Pence has done the right thing,” Jeb said.

While on FOX, Rubio attempted to defend the legislation by shanking it’s intent: “Nobody is saying that it should be legal to deny someone service at a restaurant or at a hotel because of their sexual orientation. I think that’s a consensus view in America.”

Funny enough, he’s completely wrong and totally right: Indiana’s law would absolutely allow a business to “deny someone service” based on their sexual orientation, but it’s also a “consensus view in America” that such legislation is discriminatory and wrong.

Sadly, Rubio, Bush and their colleagues are so willing to pander deep into the GOP bunker they’ll likely be stuck until next November.

Watch the latest from American Bridge: Par for the Course.

  • Jeb Bush: “I Think People That Act On Their Conscience Shouldn’t Be Discriminated Against.” [Washington Blade, 3/20/15]
  • Marco Rubio: I “Don’t Believe That A Caterer Or A Photographer Should Be Punished By The State For Refusing To Provide Services For A Gay Wedding.” [“Meet the Press,” NBC, 3/2/14]
  • Rand Paul On An Arizona “Religious Freedom” Bill: “I Think That The Right To Associate And The Right To Be Free In Your Business Decisions Is Out There.” [CNN, 3/29/15]
  • Ted Cruz: “I Don’t Think The Law Should Be Forcing Americans To Violate Their Religious Faiths.” [Ted Cruz, Houston Baptist University Forum on Faith and Freedom in the Public Square, Houston, TX, 5/2/14]
  • Bobby Jindal: “We Have The Right To Practice Our Faith And Protect Our Conscience No Matter Where We Happen To Be.” [Bobby Jindal, Reagan Forum, Simi Valley, CA, 2/13/14]
  • Rick Santorum: “For The First Time We’re Seeing An Assault On Religion. [Rick Santorum, Santorum to Speak to Imago Del Christian Fellowship, 3/10/15]
  • Mike Huckabee: “Business People You Sit In Church With Every Week Are Told They’re Gonna Pay A Fine Of $1000 A Day And Possibly Go To Jail Because Their Conscience Won’t Let Them Make A Wedding Cake With Two Men On The Top Of The Wedding Cake.” [The Awakening 2015, 3/14/15]
  • Ben Carson: “‘Absolutely Vital’ Americans Stand Up For Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s New Religious Freedom Law.” [Breitbart, 3/30/15]

Published: Mar 31, 2015

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