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Wednesday, Sep 30 2015

High Energy At Last, Jeb Finds Passion In Alienating Voters

Sep 30, 2015

Lead administrator of the GOP rebrand postponement plan, Jeb Bush’s taking it upon himself to carry on the GOP’s time-honored tradition of alienating minority voters. Jeb’s latest target: Native Americans.

1. “Redskins” Offensive? “I’m missing something here, I guess”

  • What’s he missing? We’d refer Jeb to ABC News’ report on his comments: “Native American groups have organized protests for years to force the franchise to change the team name away from a term that’s viewed by many as racially offensive.” 

But, sure, maybe Jeb knows better. Perhaps Dan Snyder’s $100,000 donation to Jeb’s super PAC proved informative.

Here’re some other things Jeb’s been missing lately:

2. “Free Stuff” and “[Black Lives Matter] Is A Slogan”

  • Jeb last week offensively suggested that the support of African American voters is one with “free stuff.”
  • What’s he missing? As the Washington Post reported Tuesday: Jeb Bush is himself the beneficiary of “free stuff” — and we can only assume he isn’t unhappy about it.  And $200,000-plus tax breaks aside — would he really be where he is today if he weren’t the son of one president and brother of another?
  • And another Jeb classic: In July, Jeb dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement as “a slogan,” demonstrating a profound level of out-of-touch obliviousness.
3. “Anchor Babies,” Pt. 1 — Jeb Alienates Latinos

  • Last month, Jeb used the “anchor babies” slur to describe American citizens born to Latino immigrant parents, angrily challenging reporters to “give me another word,” if they found it so offensive.

4. “Anchor Babies,” Pt. 2 — Jeb Alienates Asians

  • A few days later, Jeb “clarified” — read: expanded — his “anchor babies” comments to include American citizens born to Asian immigrants. 

5. “We Should Not Have A Multicultural Society”

Whoa, Jeb’s finally found some energy…

It’s lamentable that it’s an enthusiasm for alienating voters, and it’s a far cry from the joyful tortoise who “[planned] to appeal to groups not in the Republican fold” — but it’s great to see he’s found his passion.

Published: Sep 30, 2015

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