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Tuesday, Mar 25 2014

Ed Gillespie & Mitt Romney's 47% Problem

Mar 25, 2014

As Ed Gillespie prepares to campaign with Mitt Romney in New York City this evening, Virginia voters should take a look at Gillespie’s record as a surrogate for Romney’s losing presidential campaign in 2012. When Romney’s infamous “47 percent” comments came to light, disparaging millions of Americans like seniors who rely on Social Security and veterans who receive benefits from their service to the country, Ed Gillespie came to Romney’s defense. Gillespie backed up Romney’s comments when asked about it during an appearance on the Today Show, saying: “that’s political analysis, that’s not a governing philosophy.”

See for yourself in American Bridge’s new video:


Gillespie Said That Romney’s Policies “May Not Be As Resonant” For Individuals Who Pay No Income Taxes. According to Ed Gillespie during an appearance on the Today Show, “He– what he said was that, you know, that he was talking about the folks who are– who won’t– may not be as resonant if people pay no income taxes if you are running on a policy of tax rate cuts. And if you’re in favor of cutting federal spending, it may not– that may not be appealing to those who, you know, rely on– on government programs. And– and the fact is what he was talking about, Matt, is the need for us to have an economy that is a growing economy that fosters upward mobility.” [NBC, 9/20/12]

Gillespie Defended Romney’s 47% Comments, Said His Policies Would “Improve The Quality Of Life For 100% Of Americans.” According to the Washington Post, “The remarks in question were, as most of the country now knows, uttered by Romney in May to wealthy donors at a private fundraiser, at which he said that 47 percent of Americans will support Obama’s reelection and are government freeloaders who pay no income taxes, see themselves as “victims” and can’t be persuaded to “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.’ […] ‘We wouldn’t be surprised, obviously, if that came up in the debate, and the governor’s prepared, obviously, to respond to that,’ senior adviser Ed Gillespie told reporters Monday. “We believe the voters will see and appreciate the fact that what Governor Romney’s talking about would improve the quality of life for 100 percent of Americans.’” [Washington Post, 10/1/12]

Published: Mar 25, 2014

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