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Thursday, Mar 8 2012

Dear Rush … Love, Mitt

Mar 08, 2012

Two years ago today, during an interview with NewsMax, Mitt Romney admitted he finds it “hard to disagree with Rush Limbaugh on topics.” Given what we’ve seen from Romney over the past couple weeks, it’s obvious he was telling the truth.

NEWSMAX: Rush Limbaugh says you made a grave, grave error in endorsing John McCain over JD Hayworth in the Arizona Republican primary. “The era of McCain is over,” says Limbaugh. What say you?

ROMNEY: Well, you know, I find it hard to disagree with Rush Limbaugh on topics, but on this one I do. I know Senator McCain. I think his experience in the military, in the Senate, and the wisdom and judgment which he has developed over a lifetime is something which we need in the Senate. I think it serves our country well.

(NOTE: He’s willing to part ways with Rush over his criticism of John McCain, but not over his crude and incendiary remarks directed at Sandra Fluke for three straight days.)

To commemorate the two-year anniversary of the Romney/Limbaugh love-fest, we’ve created two digital greeting cards “to” Rush “from” Mitt. Click on them to share via Facebook!

Dear Rush: Sorry it's become more difficult to publicly praise you lately. Love, Mitt

Dear Rush, I'm sorry every woman on the planet hates you now and that some people think their lady-opinions matter. Love, Mitt

Published: Mar 8, 2012

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