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Thursday, May 21 2015

Bush Tells Voters To Get Over His Name, Voters Comply

May 21, 2015

Bush to Voters: I Love My Brother, Get Over It

Before a question was even asked at a round-table event here, Jeb Bush delivered blunt advice to those who view his last name as a burden: Get over it.

Voters: Oh, We Are

Iowa Republicans say they feel overwhelmed by the large number of potential candidates at this stage of the 2016 presidential nominating contest and are waiting for the field to shrink before they focus on the race. But they share one concern: Jeb Bush’s viability.

Instead, they said Bush’s loyalty to his brother, former President George W. Bush, and his stumbles in saying whether he would have invaded Iraq may weaken his chances for the nomination as well as his ability to beat Hillary Clinton if she is the Democrats’ 2016 nominee.

Elected OfficialsUs, Too

If presidential hopeful Jeb Bush was counting on his famous family’s legacy in New Hampshire to help him, he has to be disappointed.

Some influential Granite State Republicans who in the past enthusiastically backed Bush family candidates —such as Jeb Bush’s father in 1988 and brother in 2000 — so far are not offering that same support to the newest Bush on the political scene.

This is a particular problem for Bush as he tries to downplay expectations in Iowa, which hosts the caucuses that kick off the presidential nominating contest early next year. This raises the bar for Bush to do well in New Hampshire, where the state’s more moderate brand of politics should better align with his reputation.

Published: May 21, 2015

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