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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls Press Releases Donald Trump Monday, Oct 23 2023

Wounded Donald Trump Limps to New Hampshire

Oct 23, 2023

Donald Trump heads to New Hampshire today on the heels of one of the worst weeks of his 2024 presidential campaign to date. Last week, two lawyers who were close to Trump took plea deals in his Georgia election interference case, the judge in his New York civil case fined Trump for violating his gag order and threatened prison time if it was violated again, and Trump suffered an embarrassing political loss as his ally Jim Jordan failed in three different attempts to become the next Speaker of the House.

“Facing a mountain of pressure from multiple failures last week, we can expect the Republican front-runner for president to lie about his record restricting the rights of New Hampshire voters, double-down on his xenophobic immigration proposals, and possibly violate one of his multiple gag orders,” said American Bridge 21s Century Presidential Campaigns Communications Director Brandon Weathersby. “Before he even steps on the stage in New Hampshire today, you can rest assured that a wounded Donald Trump will lean into his worst instincts and remind voters of the chaos he unleashed on the country during his four years in office.”

Learn more about Trump’s awful week heading into New Hampshire:

Published: Oct 23, 2023 | Last Modified: Nov 1, 2023

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