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Monday, Jun 8 2015

Walker rides his Harley straight into…

Jun 08, 2015

. . . an awful week. Scott Walker might ride a motorcycle, but he eats ribs with gloves so he doesn’t get sauce on his hands.

This weekend, we also learned:

  • Another company that got $700,000 from Walker’s signature jobs program, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, failed to live up to any of its promises: it didn’t create 340 jobs, didn’t make a $105 million investment, and didn’t pay back the loan.
  • Walker supports a Constitutional Amendment to allow banning same-sex marriage, tacking even further to the right than many of his fellow Republican 2016ers. With this and his push to end legal immigration, Walker is occupying Rick Santorum territory.
  • Walker doubled down on his Wisconsin laws that make it harder to vote — restricting early voting and requiring an ID.
  • Walker admitted he might re-invade Iraq if he’s president, going further than simply “boots on the ground.” Washington Examiner helpfully noted that “Walker’s position is at odds with the vast majority of Americans” — only 35 percent of voters favor his re-invade Iraq position.


Published: Jun 8, 2015

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