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News Thursday, Jun 11 2015

The Uncompassionate Conservative: Vicious Headlines for Jeb Bush

Jun 11, 2015

Jeb Bush’s campaign shakeup this week hasn’t changed his pattern of being unprepared for simple questions and his penchant for creating terrible headlines for his not-yet campaign. After reports surfaced this week that Bush had lauded the merits of publicly ridiculing unwed women — among other eyebrow-raising proposals — in a 1995 book, Bush refused today to repudiate or apologize for his crude views.

With days to go before announcing his official candidacy, voters Googling “Jeb Bush” are going to read some interesting headlines:

The Huffington Post: Jeb Bush In 1995: Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed

Gawker: Remember When Jeb Bush Proposed Public Shamings for Unmarried Moms?

The Washington Post: Jeb Bush’s recipe for a better society: Shame

MSNBC: Jeb Bush says view on unwed births ‘hasn’t changed at all’

The New York Times: Jeb Bush Defends Book That Called for Shaming Single Parents

BuzzFeed: Jeb Bush Links Corporal Punishment To Lack Of School Shootings In 1995 Book

Salon: Jeb Bush’s culture war fever dreams: Fast women, no-fault divorce & more new revelations from his ersatz “Book of Virtues”

The Huffington Post: Former Miami Herald Columnist Distances Himself From Jeb Bush’s Shame Comments

Investors Business Daily: Jeb Bush Would Pin Scarlet A’s On Sinners

New York Daily News: Florida law passed under Jeb Bush required some single mothers to advertise their sexual history

The Independent: Jeb Bush called for ‘public shaming’ of unmarried mothers in 1995 book

The Week: Jeb Bush in 1995: Publicly shaming single mothers is a good thing

CNN: Jeb Bush in 1995: Single parents no longer face public shame

The Hill: Jeb Bush defends book chapter on ‘shame’ of unmarried births

The Telegraph: Jeb Bush under fire for 1995 suggestion to ‘publicly shame unmarried mothers’

The Daily Beast: Shaming Unwed Moms Was the Law in Jeb Bush’s Florida

Mediaite: Jeb Bush Stands by Controversial Comments on Single Mothers

Business Insider: Jeb Bush campaign says criticism of his old writings about ‘shame’ are just ‘cheap shots’

Published: Jun 11, 2015

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