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The Truth: McCrory Can't be Trusted

Jun 05, 2015

The Charlotte Observer editorial board has it right: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory isn’t just spinning the truth or misleading voters, he’s flat out lying. McCrory has repeatedly broken his unequivocal promise from his 2012 campaign not to sign any new restrictions on a woman’s right to choose and is now set to betray the women of North Carolina again. Earlier this week, the governor announced he will sign a new law tripling abortion waiting periods and putting new mandates on clinicians to share the results of ultrasounds with state government agencies.

News & Observer: Democrats’ ad slams McCrory’s abortion bill decision

By Craig Jarvis, 6/5/2015

Democrats have wasted no time jumping on Gov. Pat McCrory’s decision to sign the abortion bill, which triples the required waiting time.

An advertisement is going up on Facebook on Friday claiming that the governor went back on his word by deciding to sign the bill, because when he campaigned for governor he said he would not sign any new abortion restrictions into law. It also says he broke the promise by signing another abortion bill in 2013.

McCrory said Thursday that his decision was consistent with the promise he made by working with legislators over the past few months to make sure the bill didn’t include provisions that would have denied women further access to abortions.

He said increasing the waiting time from 24 to 72 hours is not a new restriction, since the period can begin with a phone call and not a visit to the clinic. He compared it to making other medical appointments.

It’s sure to come up during his re-election campaign next year, but already the national Democratic Super PAC American Bridge has capitalized on the opportunity. It is spending an undisclosed amount of money on Facebook ads geared toward women in the Raleigh suburbs.

“It’s clear that the Washington Democrat attack machine wants to discuss anything else except the Republicans’ remarkable success in making North Carolina a top place to do business, cut taxes and turn the state around after failed Democrat leadership,” said Ricky Diaz, North Carolina GOP spokesman.

Published: Jun 5, 2015

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