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Women’s Health

Thursday, Feb 25 2016

A Smaller GOP Field, But Plenty Of Extreme Anti-Choice Policies & Rhetoric

The GOP field's been cut down, but it's still saturated with insidious anti-Planned Parenthood rhetoric in an attempt to defund…

Thursday, Feb 18 2016

Toomey On SCOTUS Vacancy: "It's Not That Big A Deal"

"It's not that big a deal." That's what Senator Pat Toomey told the Associated Press this afternoon in reference to the Supreme…

Wednesday, Feb 17 2016

American Bridge Statement On Tonight's GOP Town Hall In South Carolina

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on tonight’s Republican town hall in South Carolina: “Donald Trump won’t have…

Wednesday, Feb 17 2016

Ted Cruz: Anti-Choice Extremist

At tonight's CNN town hall, Ted Cruz veered from his attack on Donald Trump to run through his own extreme…

Saturday, Feb 13 2016

GOP Candidates Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Health

If tonight's debate had you double-checking to make sure you hadn't traveled back in time, chances are you weren’t alone.…

Saturday, Feb 6 2016

The GOP's Crusade To Set Women's Health Care Back Decades

Rinse and repeat. The GOP field is back to boasting about setting women's health care back decades. And every candidate remains hell-bent…

Monday, Jan 25 2016

WATCH: Vote Chris Christie For An Angrier Version Of Donald Trump

If you like Donald Trump, but wish he were a little bit angrier -- a little more of a bully…

Wednesday, Dec 30 2015

The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 4: Anti-Women's Health

Donald Trump's bombastic rhetoric has defined the 2016 GOP field on every issue -- including women's health, which brings us…

Friday, Dec 18 2015

Transvaginal Ultrasound Guy Endorses Cruz

Ted Cruz continues to rake in endorsements from the ultra-right wing of the Republican party. This time, Ken Cuccinelli --…

Monday, Nov 2 2015

NOT BREAKING: Marco Rubio And Jeb Bush Still Out Of Touch On Women's Health Issues

Frenemies (maybe just enemies now) Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush still stand together in at least one area of the…

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