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Tax Returns

News Thursday, Jul 21 2016

"Destruction Of Evidence": Trump Org. Deleted Emails Sought In Lawsuit

Trump University and Trump Institute fraudster Donald Trump was accused of "destroying data and evidence" that pertained to a 2006 lawsuit. It turns out that…

News Friday, Jul 1 2016

Trump Hides His Tax Returns, Forces VP Picks To Share Theirs

We heard two months ago that Donald Trump would likely force any potential running mates to turn over their tax returns,…

News Education Thursday, Jun 9 2016

Public School Children Could Pay For A Trump Tax-Dodge Lie

Donald Trump's attempts to duck taxes at a New York golf course could cost local public school children, according CNN. At…

News Tuesday, May 31 2016

More Tax Return Hypocrisy From Donald Trump

After months of stalling and lies, Donald Trump, who steadfastly refuses to release his own tax returns, is still stalling --…

News Jobs Outsourcing Friday, May 20 2016

Trump Profits As Working People Lose Their Jobs And Homes

In 2006, Donald Trump hoped for a housing market crash: "I sort of hope that happens because then people like me…

News Wednesday, May 18 2016

Trump Admits Tax Returns Are Important — For His VP, But Not Him

What is Donald Trump actually hiding in his tax returns? The question gets even shadier now that he is demanding his…

News Tuesday, May 17 2016

Mounting GOP Pressure On Trump To Release Tax Returns

Pressure is mounting on Donald Trump to release his tax returns. This morning, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso said it's "a good idea" for…

News Monday, May 16 2016

So Here's One Thing Trump's Taxes Are Hiding

“Trump says he represents the little guy, but the little guy is going to have to pay his taxes for…

News Friday, May 13 2016

WATCH: Trump's Tax Evasion

This morning on Good Morning America, Donald Trump said the American public doesn't have a right to see his tax…

News Friday, May 13 2016

WATCH: Trump Doesn't Think Public Has Right To See His Tax Returns

Donald Trump would be the first major party presidential candidate since 1972 to not show transparency by releasing his tax…

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