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News Monday, May 9 2016

Pat Toomey: "I hope to… enthusiastically support Donald Trump."

In a radio interview this morning, Senator Pat Toomey said he might not be able to support Donald Trump, but he'd really, really like to: I hope to get to the point where I can enthusiastically support Donald Trump. Donald Trump has accused women in politics of playing the "woman card," and said that women have it easier than men. He's called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States…

News Thursday, Apr 28 2016

#EventuallyTrump Senator Toomey Thinks Drawing Attention To His Trump-Ties Is "Outrageous"

Despite repeated assertions that he will "support the Republican nominee", Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey thinks it's "outrageous" to tie him to…

News Thursday, Apr 28 2016

Like Paul Ryan, Boehner And McConnell Are #EventuallyTrump

Representatives Mike Kelly, Jeff Miller, and Bill Shuster -- the latter two, chairs of the House Transportation and Veteran's Affairs Committees,…

News Tuesday, Apr 26 2016

Trump Rolls The Competition, Marches On Toward Nomination

After Trump's dominating performance last week in New York, he's on track to secure commanding victories against Ted Cruz and…

News Friday, Apr 22 2016

#EventuallyTrump Senator Mark Kirk Captains Vulnerable Republicans' RNC Boycott

"I've got to really do my hair that week...I’ll be back home in Illinois, talking to the people of Illinois."…

News Wednesday, Apr 20 2016

GOP In Disarray: Paul Ryan Calls Out Attempts to Avoid Convention Chaos

Mississippi Senator and NRSC Chair Roger Wicker is telling vulnerable Senate incumbents to stay away from the Republican National Convention. Wicker says…

News Tuesday, Apr 19 2016

Party Of Trump Gives GOP Establishment (Another) Wake Up Call

Tonight's lightning-fast call is another rude awakening for the Republican Party establishment's reluctant Ted Cruz supporters -- and a reminder…

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