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News Thursday, Apr 28 2016

#EventuallyTrump Senator Toomey Thinks Drawing Attention To His Trump-Ties Is "Outrageous"

Apr 28, 2016

Despite repeated assertions that he will “support the Republican nominee“, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey thinks it’s “outrageous” to tie him to Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Toomey can try to run from Donald Trump, but he can’t run from their shared extremism.

Toomey shares Trump’s vision for tax giveaways for the wealthy and corporations. Like Trump, he’s argued against a fair wage for workers. Toomey and Trump have both denigrated the Black Lives Matter movement while propagating the fantasy that Trump rallies are peaceful places.

Today, Senator Toomey yet again pledged his support to the Republican nominee while recognizing that Donald Trump is in “a very strong position” to be that nominee. Toomey can claim tying him to Trump is outrageous, but the only thing that’s outrageous is how closely Pat Toomey has aligned himself with Donald Trump.

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Published: Apr 28, 2016

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