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News Tuesday, Apr 19 2016

Party Of Trump Gives GOP Establishment (Another) Wake Up Call

Apr 19, 2016

Tonight’s lightning-fast call is another rude awakening for the Republican Party establishment’s reluctant Ted Cruz supporters — and a reminder from the party’s far-right base that the GOP is still the Party of Trump.

Despite having lost two primary contests in a row, Donald Trump nonetheless entered tonight with a 197-delegate lead over Cruz. And with a total of 95 delegates up for grabs in New York, he’s sure to surge even further ahead and closer to the nomination.

In other words: Get ready for the Eventually Trump movement. Tonight is proof that the Republican Party remains as committed as ever to xenophobic fear-mongering, misogyny, extreme anti-choice policies, and anti-science climate change denial. And irregardless of whether the eventual GOP nominee is Trump or Cruz, the party will get just that.

Published: Apr 19, 2016

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