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Ted Budd Thursday, Feb 17 2022

WATCH: Ted Budd Praises “creativity” of Alabama and Texas Abortion Bans

Budd also pledged he’d push to outlaw abortion At a local GOP event last night, North Carolina GOP U.S. Senate candidate and Congressman Ted Budd praised the “creativity” of Alabama and Texas’ highly-restrictive abortion bans, emphasizing that he is “100%” opposed to abortion and  that he’d push to outlaw abortion “all the way back.” WATCH HERE: This is now the second time Budd has praised…

Glenn Youngkin Wednesday, Jul 14 2021

“Chameleon” Youngkin Can No Longer Hide His Out-of-Touch Beliefs

As the Virginia Mercury writes, “a clearer picture is emerging” of Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. Spoiler alert: it’s…

Glenn Youngkin Monday, Jul 12 2021

Washington Post: “Silence is strategy for Mr. Youngkin”

Last week, in a bombshell video, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin freely admitted his plans to ban abortion and…

Glenn Youngkin Thursday, Jul 8 2021

VA Coverage: Youngkin Exposed on Camera

After yesterday’s bombshell report from The American Independent, news outlets throughout Virginia and the nation are reporting on GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn…

Chris Sununu Tuesday, Jun 29 2021

Boston Globe: Chris Sununu’s “Big Problem Over Abortion”

A new report from the Boston Globe’s James Pindell highlights the fact that New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu will be in a very tough…

Monday, Jun 28 2021

Sununu Calls Anti-Choice Budget “Phenomenal”

Earlier today, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu called his latest budget “rock solid” and “phenomenal,” but let’s take a closer…

Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

Pence Legislated Trump's Sexist Attitudes and Anti-Women Policy Agenda

Pence tonight danced around coming clean on his and Trump's anti-women agenda. But their record is clear. Trump apologist Mike Pence…

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