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Friday, Sep 18 2020

AWKWARD: Trump’s Campaign Manager Didn’t Vote For Him

“For a campaign that frequently equates boats with voter enthusiasm, it speaks volumes that Donald Trump’s own campaign manager couldn’t…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Sep 9 2020

NEW AD: Gov. Sununu, Trump’s Loyal Follower

Watch the ad here American Bridge 21st Century launched a new ad following the New Hampshire gubernatorial primary on Tuesday.…

Donald Trump Tuesday, Aug 18 2020

Our New TV Ad Slamming Trump on COVID-19 Deaths

American Bridge 21st Century Launches New Ad, Slamming Trump on COVID-19 Deaths Ad shares the heartbreaking story from the daughter…

Thursday, Aug 13 2020

Donald Trump Is Undermining the USPS, Rigging the Election

Donald Trump is making his motives crystal clear. He will undermine the United States Postal Service to rig this election.

Tuesday, Aug 11 2020

All In! We Applaud Biden’s VP Pick, Kamala Harris

American Bridge 21st Century Applauds Biden For Selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as Running Mate Today, American Bridge 21st Century…

Education Reproductive Rights Friday, Jul 31 2020

Ten Unhinged Things AZ Rep. Blackman Said on Facebook Live (in July)

Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman (HD-6), who narrowly won his 2018 race, took to Facebook Live 22 times this month…

Donald Trump Thursday, Jul 9 2020

Trump Shelling Out to Protect Donors, Not Students

“With Donald Trump threatening to cut school funding, nothing could be more tone-deaf than covering the cost of health screenings…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Jul 8 2020

American Bridge 21st Century Launches New Ads In $25 Million Swing State Effort

‘Swing County Project’ to Build on Successful Efforts to Weaken Trump’s Support, Boost Biden with Key Constituencies in Michigan, Pennsylvania,…

Martha McSally Should Put Money Where Her Mouth Is and Return $40,000 in Contributions From Senators Accused of Insider Trading

Tonight, The Hill reported that Senator Martha McSally and top Trump adviser Larry Kudlow slammed Georgia Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue…

Wednesday, Mar 11 2020

American Bridge Launches 5 State Ad Campaign on Trump; Senate Republicans’ Plans to Cut Medicare & Social Security

The ad campaign, called “Stealing From Us,” will run in Maine, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina Sens. Collins, Ernst, McSally, Gardner, and Tillis all…

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