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Education Reproductive Rights Friday, Jul 31 2020

Ten Unhinged Things AZ Rep. Blackman Said on Facebook Live (in July)

Jul 31, 2020

Arizona State Representative Walt Blackman (HD-6), who narrowly won his 2018 race, took to Facebook Live 22 times this month to rant against racial justice and women’s rights, insult teachers and his constituents, oppose face masks, pester Wal-Mart employees, and more. 

Here’s the worst of the worst: 

  1. “I don’t believe people are singled out because of their color or their gender… We have long passed those days of systemic racism, and it is simply an excuse for people to not move forward.” (7/1/20, LINK)
  1. “One guy dies while committing a crime, George Floyd, and you’re up in arms about that guy? What about the 3,000 babies aborted every single day in this country? I don’t see you protesting. I see you increasing the death factories and making sure Planned Parenthood has enough bodies to go through.(7/17/2020, LINK)
  1. It is not the responsibility of the schools to teach the morals to the kids… Just because a person is a teacher does not mean that their morals are always spot on.” (7/23/2020, LINK
  1. “I had to wear a mask today for like 10 minutes and I was getting ready to pass out… When you are wearing a mask all day long… and it exits the carbon monoxide that you are breathing in, if you’re just breathing that in all day you will get sick.” (7/12/2020, LINK)
  1. “Some kids have lung problems. What are you going to do? Keep them out of school the whole year because they can’t wear a mask? We can’t do that. What are you gonna do, put them in a bubble when they show up to school? We can’t do that either.” (7/12/2020, LINK)
  1. He got election day wrong: “August 10th is the election day.(7/27/2020, LINK)
  1. In response to constituent mail: “You know what, you’re on crack… if you want to impress me, don’t come in and do a Monday morning quarterback.” (7/2/2020, LINK
  1. “I would like to see how much the state has lost to unemployment compensation to folks who are sitting at home playing Xbox.” (7/12/2020, LINK)
  1. “If we can open the doors to a casino, we can open the doors to Walmart… we need to open the doors to send our kids back to school.” (7/23/2020, LINK
  1. “Ok I’m in the Walmart… Let me see if I can get in some trouble.” (7/27/2020, LINK

Published: Jul 31, 2020

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