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GOP SOTU Rebuttal Speaker is An Anti-Abortion Rights Extremist — and So Is the Guy Sitting Five Feet Behind President Joe Biden

“I am proud to be 100% pro-life. Both my faith and science tell me that life begins at conception.” - Sen. Katie Britt “When a woman is pregnant, science tells us that the new life she carries is a completely separate and full new human being from the moment of fertilization.” - Speaker Mike Johnson Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt proudly said she believes “life…

News Press Releases Mike Johnson Wednesday, Jan 31 2024

BREAKING: Speaker Mike Johnson Won’t Condemn Slavery, Says He Won’t “apologize…for his Christian faith”

An explosive new report details how Speaker Mike Johnson is heavily tied to Christian dominionism, which doesn’t believe in the 13th, 14th,…

Press Releases Saturday, Jul 29 2023

We’re 100 Days Out from the 2023 General Election — Here’s What You Need to Know About the Biggest Races Across the Country

With 100 days until Kentuckians, Mississippians, Louisianians, and Virginians head to the polls to vote for governor and a number…

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