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Thursday, Dec 12 2013

Scott "Bay State" Brown Still Has Massachusetts Plates

Dec 12, 2013

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, who is publicly flirting with a 2014 Senate campaign in “Massachesett–uh, in New Hampshire,” has spent months parading around the state in his famous GMC truck. It seems that Brown was in such a rush, however, that he overlooked crucial details before jumping over the state line to hobnob with New Hampshire Republicans. As you can see below, Brown’s famous truck still has Massachusetts plates.

Without a New Hampshire license plate to call his own, it’s no wonder that while speaking at a fundraiser this summer, Scott Brown tried to recite New Hampshire’s famous state motto “Live Free AND Die,” before struggling to recover and correcting himself.

Perhaps now is the time for Scott Brown to invest in NH plates, if only to remind him what state he’s in and what their motto is.

Published: Dec 12, 2013

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