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Monday, May 11 2015

South Carolina Cattle Call Whistles Past GOP's Electoral Graveyard

May 11, 2015

Another Republican cattle call has passed, this time the South Carolina Freedom Summit, and even SNL is in on the gag by this point— the endless parade of events is primed to remind voters of everything they don’t like about the Republican party. From Jim DeMint equivocating “the left” to ISIS to the latest and greatest in Steve King’s musings to shots at Jeb and endorsements of so-called Personhood laws, the cast in Greenville was doing their best to conjure the ghosts of election losses past. Here’s the lowlights:


Defends Wall Street: YouTube

Proud of enacting voter ID: YouTube


Calling for cuts to legal immigration: YouTube


Contrasting with Jeb, reminds that his family isn’t “rich and famous”: YouTube


Calling for a flat tax and abolishing the IRS: YouTube

Warning of “mandatory gay marriage”: YouTube


Defending the Hobby Lobby decision and Indiana-style RFRA laws: YouTube

And, lest you think Jeb’s weekend was any better, here’s a full-throated defense of discriminatory Indiana-style RFRA laws, and Jerry Falwell Jr heapingpraise on Jeb for passing Stand Your Ground laws.

Published: May 11, 2015

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