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News LGBTQ+ Monday, Oct 19 2015

Rubio Shows Support For Discriminatory RFRA Laws With AR State Chairman Pick

Oct 19, 2015

Marco Rubio has been repeatedly criticized for his outdated ideas and policies on issues such as energy and women’s health. Now, Rubio is doubling down on his out-of-touch positions on LGBT rights with the appointment of Arkansas state Sen. Bart Hester as his new state chairman.


In response to the announcement, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released this statement:


“Marco Rubio’s choice for Arkansas state chairman underscores his support for bigoted and discriminatory religious freedom laws. State Sen. Bart Hester was a co-sponsor of a RFRA law that has been called ‘anti-gay’ and is considered harmful to LGBT rights. There is no doubt that Rubio’s endorsement of Hester makes sense — they are a perfect match when it comes to extreme right-wing positions.”

Published: Oct 19, 2015

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