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GOP 2024 Presidential Hopefuls News Press Releases Donald Trump Tuesday, Mar 5 2024

Republicans Choose Chaos and MAGA

Mar 05, 2024

Tonight, Trump overwhelmingly dominated the primaries on Super Tuesday, proving once again the presidential race entered the general election phase this week.

“The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln or Reagan because Trump transformed it into the party of MAGA hardliners. Tonight, they delivered the presidential nomination to someone who incited a violent insurrection connected to the deaths of several police officers. The general election is here, and the contrast for voters couldn’t be any clearer between Trump, an extremist focused on taking away more rights from the American people, and President Biden, who will give a State of the Union address this week outlining an agenda to continue the success of the last four years and improve the lives of Americans,”  said American Bridge 21st Century Presidential Campaign Communications Director, Brandon Weathersby. 

Published: Mar 5, 2024 | Last Modified: Mar 20, 2024

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