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News Thursday, Aug 6 2015

Regarding Tonight's GOP Primary Debate: Thank You.

Aug 06, 2015

What to say, really.

Well, other than “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

Tonight we all had the dubious pleasure of a deep dive into the heart of the Republican Party, doubling down on extreme positions on immigration and women.  And what an offensive, repulsive, laughable dive it was. How bad was it?  Even as they assailed women’s health care and reproductive rights, only Fox host Megyn Kelly even said the word “women.”

The Low-Lights:

1. Donald Trump Said He Wouldn’t Rule Out A Third-Party Run.
Things went off the rails almost immediately, when Donald Trump refused to commit to not launching a third-party run. Right out the gate, Donald Trump seized control of the stage — a power-play befitting the front-runner.

2. The GOP Crowd Loudly Applauded Trump’s Sexist, Disparaging Remarks.
The Donald skillfully won the crowd over early, throwing out some disparaging comments about women — which unsurprisingly earned tremendous applause, earning, in return, a “thank you” from Trump.

3. Personhood and Defunding Planned Parenthood 

We knew what was coming on this…

Marco Rubio said he opposes all abortions — even in cases of rape and incest.

Scott Walker bragged about defunding Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin.

Jeb Bush bragged about defunding Planned Parenthood in Florida.

Mike Huckabee said he believes personhood begins at conception.

4. Donald Trump Stood By The Racist Anti-Immigrant Demagoguery That Got Him Where He Is Today — And The Other Candidates Just Piled On.

Things went about as expected on immigration — no surprises. Since his announcement, Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric and xenophobic demagoguery has fundamentally shaped the Republican primary and launched the Donald into first place. Donald started the fire, and tonight, it kept on burning.

Donald Trump septuples (more?) down on his racist comments on immigration, and takes credit for shaping the primary’s immigration dialogue.

Ted Cruz: Our leaders “don’t want to enforce the immigration laws.

Scott Walker: No amnesty

5. Fight Night

A whole lot of infighting tonight.

Rand Paul went after Chris ChristieChris Christie went after Rand Paul.

And The Donald went after Rand Paul.

But, seriously: Thank you.

Published: Aug 6, 2015

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