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Wednesday, Jul 8 2015

Pro-Ayotte Super PAC Leader Texas Two-Stepping In The Granite State

Jul 08, 2015

Kelly Ayotte is already running scared, calling on big money allies to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars for misleading television ads on her behalf. And she needs the help — her record of selling out New Hampshire’s values to Washington Republicans is an anchor around her neck. But it’s not just Washington getting Ayotte’s attention: It’s Texas.

Dave Carney, who works for a pro-Ayotte super PAC, also works for Texas Governor Greg Abbott. And he’s doing some shady stuff. Carney is getting paid by the “Ending Spending Action Fund” to run a political campaign called “Commitments Kept NH” —  and is also getting a pay check from Texas, talk about tejas. Meanwhile, Carney’s boss, Governor Abbott, is doing still more of Ayotte’s dirty work.

Doesn’t sound like Ayotte’s shady allies are worried much about commitments to NH… after all, that paycheck in Texas spends just fine.

Published: Jul 8, 2015 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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