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Billionaire Peter Thiel and former employee J.D. Vance

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Billionaire Thiel Looks To Buy Ohio’s GOP Senate Primary

Jul 01, 2021

Silicon Valley surveillance-tech billionaire Peter Thiel has already put at least $10 million toward a super PAC focused on winning the primary for JD Vance, a former Thiel employee

As JD Vance today announces his U.S. Senate campaign, tax dodger and Silicon Valley surveillance-tech billionaire Peter Thiel is likewise entering the turbulent fray of Ohio’s GOP Senate primary, bankrolling a pro-Vance super PAC that will ensure that an already-nasty primary only gets messier.

Thiel has already poured $10 million-and-counting into buying the GOP primary for Vance — a former Thiel employee who runs a Silicon Valley billionaire-backed private-equity fund. 

“JD Vance and Peter Thiel’s entry into Ohio’s Republican Senate race ensures this nasty primary is only going to get messier, as GOP contenders focus on attacking each other rather than making a positive, forward-looking case to Ohio voters,” said American Bridge 21st Century Senate Communications Director Brad Bainum.   

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Published: Jul 1, 2021

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