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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Monday, Mar 9 2020

WATCH: Out-of-Touch Trump Parties During Coronavirus Chaos

With nearly one-third of all Americans under a state of emergency, an out-of-touch Donald Trump, family, and campaign staffers threw…

Donald Trump Friday, Mar 6 2020

Make America Sick Again: Trump to Campaign From Mar-A-Lago Amidst Public Health Crisis

During the Coronavirus public health crisis, rather than doing his job as president, Donald Trump is jetting to his Mar-A-Lago…

Donald Trump Greg Gianforte Friday, Mar 6 2020

FLASHBACK: Gianforte on Entitlements: “There’s nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement”

During a Fox News town hall yesterday, President Trump stated—yet again—that he would slash Medicare and Social Security if given…

Donald Trump Thursday, Mar 5 2020

QUICK CLIPS: Trump AGAIN Admits Medicare & Social Security In His Sights WATCH: Trump: “...Oh. There will be cuts.” Tonight, during a Fox News Town Hall, Donald Trump again admitted he is…

Chris Sununu Donald Trump Thursday, Mar 5 2020

WHIPLASH: Gov. Sununu Defends ACA Just Weeks After Defending Trump’s Effort to Repeal

American Bridge issued the following statement following news that Gov. Sununu will join a lawsuit in defense of the Affordable…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Mar 4 2020

ICYMI: American Ledger: Trump Refuses to Hire Government Watchdogs That Protect Whistleblowers

According to a review by American Ledger, President Trump has, to date, refused to hire six Inspectors General throughout his…

Donald Trump Wednesday, Mar 4 2020

New Ad Featuring Pennsylvania Vet, Former Trump Voter To Air With President’s Scranton Town Hall

American Bridge Ad Will Air Around Fox News Town Hall In Targeted PA Markets As Well As DC Group Will…

Donald Trump Monday, Mar 2 2020

OUTSOURCED: Trump’s Continues “Promises Made, Promises Broken” Tour in Tar Heel State

Trump Failed to Protect North Carolina Families from Outsourcing Tonight, Donald Trump stumps in North Carolina continuing his “Promises Made,…

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